Here you will find urgent safety instructions for the muli, all current operating instructions for download and answers to various questions about our products.

Safety instructions

Important updates

Despite conscientious development, intensive testing in laboratories and quality controls, mistakes can happen. If there are any safety concerns about our bikes or accessories, we will inform you here.


Questions and answers

  • The muli is completely manufactured in Germany. From the smallest bent tube to the last welded seam. From powder coating to final assembly. For us, it is of central importance not only to produce a sustainable means of transport, but also to make the production itself as sustainable, social and fair as possible.

  • At all our dealers. In addition, except for the frame, steering linkage and basket, standard components are installed on the muli, which can be repaired in any bicycle workshop.

  • The maximum load for the basket is 70 kg. Note the permissible total weight, which is 195 kg. This is composed of the tare weight of the muli, as well as the load of the basket / luggage carrier and the tare weight of the driver. The luggage carrier may be loaded with a maximum of 18 kg and the seatpost maximum of 100 kg.


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