muli Muscle

2024 Update


Small, agile and yet very big - the perfect equipment for the urban jungle

from €2,890.00

On the road with the muli in Hamburg
Woman on a muli motor in the city.

Compact and agile

Short and flexible like a city bike - strong like a cargo bike. Tight corners, small parking space, a stretch by train - no problem!

muli agile and compact
muli fits in every train
muli fits into any elevator
muli can be easily carried

Transformer for everyday life

From city bike to transporter with one click. Close or open the basket with just one handle.

muli with child
muli with dog
muli with child
muli space saving parking

Fair for people and the environment

We manufacture the muli - from frame construction to final assembly - under fair working conditions in Germany - made by hands and robotos.

robot welding muli frame
sheet metal is processed by hand
muli installation of the parts
muli logistics
Eurobike - Start Up Award 2018
Eurobike - Gold Winner Award 2019
Eurobike - Winner Award 2019
reddot award 2019 winner
Hessian Founder Award