No, this is a widespread misconception. With smaller tires you are not slower and do not have to pedal more than with larger tires, if the gear ratio is balanced by a correspondingly large chainring. By default, the muli has a chainring with 50 teeth. The chainring is interchangeable.

The muli is completely manufactured in Germany. From the smallest bent tube to the last welded seam. From powder coating to final assembly. For us, it is of central importance not only to produce a sustainable means of transport, but also to make the production itself as sustainable, social and fair as possible.

At all our dealers. In addition, except for the frame, steering linkage and basket, standard components are installed on the muli, which can be repaired in any bicycle workshop.

The maximum load for the basket is 70 kg. Note the permissible total weight, which is 195 kg. This is composed of the tare weight of the muli, as well as the load of the basket / luggage carrier and the tare weight of the driver. The luggage carrier may be loaded with a maximum of 18 kg and the seatpost maximum of 100 kg.

The child seat is suitable from about one year. This corresponds approximately to the age from which children can sit upright independently - this is the prerequisite for the use of the child seat.

The muli is available in a frame size that, in combination with the height-adjustable handlebars, is suitable for riders in the range 1.50 - 1.55 m to 1.95 m - 2.00 m. For relatively tall as well as relatively short riders, we recommend a test ride in any case. There is no general answer to this question.

The muli fits on many common rear carriers. Models with straight and continuous rails are particularly suitable. If the rails are not designed for the wheelbase of the muli, the front wheel can be removed and the down tube fixed to the rail instead.

Yes, the muli can be returned to us within 14 days after delivery without giving reasons. The muli must be in mint condition. You bear the costs of the return. Please contact us beforehand so that an allocation can take place.

If your deposited bank account has not been verified in your PayPal account, it may be that there is a sending limit for your account. Typically, the price for a muli is above this limit. Further information about PayPal's sending limits and how you can view and deactivate them can be found at the following link:https://www.paypal-community.com/t5/Tipps-von-den-Moderatoren/Limits/td-p/1024970?profile.language=en. Alternatively, you can use our other payment methods.

Yes, our bikes can be leased through the provider Jobrad. We will be happy to create your desired offer.

Of course that is also possible. Order then but please via mail with the request of pickup in Cologne. What we need are the complete contact details with phone number and billing address, as well as the shipping address if it is different. If you attach a screenshot of the shopping cart with your desired muli and possible accessories, that would be great. The invoice, which must be paid as in the store when ordering, as well as the order confirmation we send by mail.

We indicate the estimated delivery time in the store. When the muli is ready, we will hand it over to the shipping company, which will contact you to arrange delivery.

No, unfortunately we can not offer used bikes.