Bike-Leasing with Jobrad


JobRad is the clever concept with which employees can easily buy a bicycle or pedelec - and save considerably compared to direct purchases!

Whether city or touring bikes, mountain bikes or road bikes, pedelec or s-pedelec, recumbent or cargo bikes: Every bike can be a JobRad - your JobRad!

JobRad opens up the so-called company car privilege (also known as the "1% rule") for bicycles and pedelecs. It's easy: Your employer concludes a framework agreement with JobRad - and you and your colleagues can then purchase bicycles from your company. The only requirement: The bicycle has a minimum sales price of 749 €.

You can use your JobRad as you like: on the way to work, but also in everyday life, for sports or a family tour.

You can pay comfortably via monthly installments, which are deducted directly from your salary - and due to the advantageous taxation you drive much cheaper.

You can calculate your personal savings with just a few clicks using our advantage calculator.

By the way: JobRad is cost-neutral for your employer!

Enjoy savings advantages: Due to favourable taxation much cheaper than direct purchase.

Benefit from the advantages of lower rates: The conversion rate is processed via monthly payroll accounting - without any additional expense.

Being fit: To work with the bike - this increases fitness and frees your head.

Have more of the day: JobRadler pass the queues of cars in rush hour traffic. This leaves more time for the important things.

Showing responsibility: JobRadler move much for the environment. They ensure less traffic jams and cleaner air.

Strong for attractiveness: your own JobRad motivates - and attracts new employees.

Strong for health: JobRadlers are fitter - and significantly less ill.

Strong for the environment: With JobRad, your company can fulfil its environmental responsibility in an unmistakable way.

Strong in the area: Free choice with over 4,000 JobRad specialist trade partners on site and all major mail-order companies.

Strong for the purse: Employees save money with JobRad compared to buying directly.

Powerful for the area: Up to seven JobBikes fit on one parking space!

Gentle on effort: minimal effort thanks to digital processing via the meinJobRad portal.

JobRad for the self-employed

With JobRad for the self-employed, self-employed, traders and freelancers benefit from attractive leasing advantages for bicycles!

No matter if city or touring bike, mountain bike or road bike, pedelec or S-pedelec, recumbent or cargo bike: Any bike from a sales price of 1.499 € can be a JobRad - your JobRad!

It's easy: Choose a muli in our shop. We will be happy to advise you!

You found the bike of your dreams? We are delighted! We will give you a written offer.

Then download the  JobRad enquiry form from, fill it out and send the completed form and the offer by e-mail ( or fax (0761 205515-98) to JobRad.

JobRad checks the documents and your creditworthiness. This usually takes one to four working days.

After a successful credit check JobRad sends you the approved leasing contract by e-mail.

Please print out the contract, sign the contract itself and the SEPA mandate and send us the documents - and if your muli is in stock, you can start cycling right away!

Clever: Use high-quality bicycles and e-bikes without investment.

Reliable: Planning reliability through constant leasing rates.

Exemplary: Reaching your destination quickly and in an environmentally friendly manner.

Healthy: To work with the bike - this increases fitness and frees your head!

Expandable: If necessary, you can easily lease several wheels.

How do I get to my JobRad?

  1. We will make you a binding offer and forward it digitally to the meinJobRad portal - or send you a printout.
  2. You create a user account in the myJobRad portal of your company. You will receive the link from your JobRad representative. In your employer's portal you upload the offer or enter the offer code.
  3. Your application will now be examined. As soon as it is approved and your bike is available, you will receive an e-mail.
  4. We'll send you your muli and you'll be happy!
  1. Then you should let him know. The easiest way is to use the JobRad contact form.
  2. JobRad will contact and advise your employer as soon as possible.
  3. As soon as your employer has concluded a framework agreement with JobRad, you can order your muli - as described above under "Your employer already offers JobRad".