Muli in Hamburg park

Meike in Hamburg

Who let the dogs out

Trick, tick and track, everybody wants to get out, everybody hops in. So long roads, so many cars - how much longer? Finally green in sight! All out trees, air, grass, space. Green meadow madness. The stick is flying. Turbo! Wrestling, somersault, awesome life.

Quick release

It's magic

One pull on the blue handle... and the muli unfolds its full potential. In the blink of an eye, the basket can be folded up again - and locked into place.

Muli in Hamburg park

Felix in Hamburg

Sunshine Baby

Oh, the app says sun. Yes! Camera, lenses, tripod. Maps, location...14min. Sweet. Why clouds? Now insane light, faster! Nice shadow...gone again. Phone rings, fingers cold, sky closed. Drops fall. Abort! Way home, sunbeams, flock of birds, racing bike on the bridge, backlight. Click! Wow!

Ride with Style!

Functional design and high quality chrome-moly steel. Evan coated on the inside against rust, wrapped in beautiful colours on the outside. Cables finely laid.

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Cable routing

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