Cities for the people

Since 2016, we have been developing and building the muli cargo bike, tailored to the requirements of living in densely built-up urban space.

Our team

We produce great bikes together. But beyond that, we see our company as a place where solidarity is practiced and personal development is made possible. High wages, profit sharing, flextime and family friendliness are a matter of course for us.

Jonas Gerhardt

Founder, CEO

Assembled the first 100 mulis in 2017 alone.

Sören Gerhardt

Founder, CEO

Had little space and that's when he thought of the muli.

Oliver Philipps

Head of IT, Sales, HR and Finance

Juggles ones, zeros and finances and is still good with people. Crazy!

Felix Schön

Head of Marketing & Showroom

His dream bike is homemade and mocked as a million-dollar grave.

Lars Funk

Head of Production, Purchase, Logistics & Quality management

Can do a wheelie with any bike. Bet!?

Sandra Krämer

Accounting, HR & Customer Service

Once cut Angela Merkel's hair.

Maximilian Ortmanns


Also privately likes to buy quality bikeparts and is known in the industry for his Acto-Five-P-Train.

Oguz Ünal

Team leader logistics

Runs a half marathon every day at the company.

Felix Jung

Sales, Customer service

Good spirit, chef and the voice of the answering machine.

Dennis Poppe


Has once driven 540 km at a stretch with his Cervelo.

Aykut Kocak


A machine like our welding robot. Dream team!

Peter Schneider


Likes to have the sounds of music, Rohloff hubs and motocross machines in his ears.

Craig McLay


Needs for a good time: bike, guitar, tent!

Boris Schröder

Work preparation

Does his rounds in the Alps and on the turntables.

Bijan Djalili

Team leader assembly

Master of two-wheelers and touchdowns

Niklas Pfleger


Climbing for breakfast and Ottolenghi for lunch

Jil Ludwig

Warehouse employee

Saturday afternoon on the soccer field and Sunday morning in the sunrise through Cologne

Sami Al-Khayat

Development Engineer

Built himself a rickshaw and drove 90 km in one gear.

Jürgen Roder


Rides his Bonanza bike happily past the traffic jam

Chris Stites


Invests in light bikes and lifts heavy weights

Jonas Jung


Has as a 5-year-old with the coaster brake a tire to burst. Respect!

Marcus Heinen

Quality Manager Welding Engineer

Can't stand lousy quality...whether in manufacturing, on the dish or on the marathon course.

Henrik Riemann

Warehouse employee

Thought his bike is stolen, but had ridden the bus.

Sascha Wieland

Work preparation

Has no bike but insanely great shoes.

Hannes Schohaus


Prefers to go around the houses with his pink ladies bike

Khaled Ashrafani


Rhapsodizes about evening bike rides in Damascus

Henrik Höhle

Working student

The internal reference in the Donwhill.

Louis Kiupel


The only thing missing is the matching camper to his beloved folding bike with basket.

Marius Bonitz

Working student

Is called Mabo and no one knows why.

Emre Postaci

Warehouse logistician

The egg boiler allways close at hand - every protein counts!

From the barn to the big city

First small series via crowdfunding

In 2016, the first muli prototypes were created in grandma's converted barn in the countryside of the german Westerwald.  In 2017, the first mulis rolled onto the streets of the big cities.

Hello Köln

Here we have found a place that suits us. We have space for storage, for our own metalworking and welding robot, for new assembly lines, for our own showroom, for our growing team, for basketball court and ping pong table.