Basket cover

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A practical basket cover so that even the celery or the laptop reach their destination dry. Can also be used with the child seat!

Delivery within 1 weeks, until 2024-05-30

The cool wet from above is unfortunately unpredictable. That's why we have developed a lightweight basket cover that folds so small that it can be placed in a basket bag in an extremely space-saving way and can always be with you. This means that shopping and parcels can be brought home dry at all times.

The cover is pulled over the basket basins at the front, clicked into place in the middle on the left and right and fixed to the steering tube. It only takes a few seconds!

Short plastic plates are integrated in the middle of the cover to stretch it up. This helps the water to run off to the sides and effectively prevents the formation of puddles.

The basket can be covered not only completely, but also only partially if necessary. This way, the cover also becomes a rain cover when transporting children. The buttons in the middle as well as the tensioning or Velcro fastenings at the front and rear allow for quick partial uncovering on each side. This makes it easy to put more shopping under the cover or to keep the children's legs dry.

Anyone who regularly travels with a laptop or backpack in the closed basket, or who wants to keep the folded basket dry in a tight parking space, can also rely on the new basket cover. Two additional press studs in the lower area of the perforated plate allow the cover to be securely fastened even in the closed position.